UCR Faculty Administrator Compensation Guidelines

University of California, Riverside - Faculty Administrator Compensation Guidelines (effective July 1, 2010)


Effective July 1, 2010, faculty with administrative appointments are paid summer differentials with DOS Code 'DIF' and not 'ACA'.  This improvement in their compensation package is a result of the implementation of APM 241 and APM 246.  The total gross salary for the faculty member will not change; however, the following will change:

  • Summer Differentials are covered compensation and count towards the calculation of the highest average paid compensation (HAPC).

  • Summer Differentials are subject to the graduated withholding tax rates whether they are paid with the primary pay or paid separately; therefore, they are not treated as supplemental wages.


Affected Titles

Per APM 241, faculty may be appointed to administrative service positions (less than 100%) in the following titles:

  1. College Provost
  2. Vice Provost, Associate Vice Provost
  3. Associate Vice Chancellor, Associate Dean
  4. Department Chair, Department Vice Chair (See APM - 245, Department Chairs)
  5. Director, Associate Director
  6. Faculty Assistant to the Dean or Vice Chancellor or Chancellor, Academic Assistant to the Vice Chancellor or Chancellor
  7. Interim or Acting appointment in the titles listed above

Per APM 246, faculty may be appointed to administrative service positions at 100% time into the following titles:

  1. Vice Provost, Associate Vice Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Associate Dean (at UCR this category includes Divisional Deans)
  2. College Provost


Login to the Payroll/Personnel System, Main Menu EEDB, use screen EAPP - Appointments/Distributions 

  1. Delete all existing distributions with DOS code "ACA" (Admin Duties - (ninths) - pay at some percentage of 1/9)
  2.  Add a new appointment
    • Action Code - Enter code “13” Additional Appointment

    • Pgm -  System derived Personnel Program code. Derived from the title code.

    • Typ  - Enter code “5” for Academic

    • Bas/Pd Ov - Academic Year - 09/09.

    • Appointment Begin - First day of the month for this payment in the format: mmddyy (07/01/10).

    • Appointment End - Last day of month in which the payment is expected to end, in the format mmddyy (09/30/10).

    • Dur - Leave blank - Not applicable for Summer  Differential.

    • Dept – Leave Blank - Code indicating the department in which the employee has an appointment (system derived)

    • Title – Use “1098” (SUMMER DIFFERENTIAL).

    • Grade - Not applicable. Staff Only.

    • % Full - Leave blank for Summer  Differential.

    • F/V -Enter code “F”.

    • Ann/Hr Rate – Enter the total amount that will be paid for this academic year (generally 3/9ths of the annual salary).

    • Rt - Enter “B” By-agreement.

    • Sch - MO - Monthly Current or MA - Monthly Arrears (Please schedule the pay schedule per employee’s preference). 
      * Note:  Federal and State income taxes will be withheld at the graduated rates if paid with primary pay or separately.

    • Time - Enter R – Exception. 

    • LV - Enter “N” for Summer Differential.

  3. Add new distributions as needed
    • Account - 306130 (Summer Differentials) or 305110 (Admin Deans and Directors).

    • Activity/Fund/Function/Cost Center/Project Code - Enter appropriate codes

    • FTE - Not Applicable

    • Dist % - Not applicable

    • Distribution Pay Begin Date -First day of the month for this payment at this rate in the format: mmddyy (07/01/10).

    • Distribution Pay End Date -Last day of the month for this payment at this rate in the format: mmddyy (08/31/10).

    • Step - The step within the salary range associated with the title code.  For Academics use whole numbers (e.g. 1,2,3).

    • O/A - Code indicating that the employee’s pay rate is offscale or above scale in relation to the step and/or salary range associated with the title code of the appointment, if applicable.

    • Rate/Amount - Annual rate of Faculty title divided by 9. (Stipend must be paid on an academic year (9/9) basis because summer differential compensates Faculty Administrator  who has underlying academic year appointment for summer administrative duties.

    • DOS – Enter DIF  (Differential Stipend for split AY/FY appointments).

    • PRQ - Not applicable. Code indicating that the employee will have a perquisite amount (e.g. meals or room and board).

    • DUC - Leave Blank

    • WSP Not applicable.

    • <F5 Update> to perform edit, enter PAN comments and update.



You need to process LX/RX transactions if you have already paid an administrative summer ninth, using DOS code ACA, to one of the titles listed under Affected Titles for July 2010 earnings.

  • Use screen "EDLR"

  • Enter an RX to back out the July transaction paid under DOS code 'ACA'

  • Enter an LX to pay for July 2010 under DOS code 'DIF'

  • Note: The rate should be the same.  Schedule the adjustment on the same primary pay schedule the employee was originally paid.
    If paid on the 'MO'  enter 8/31/10, 'MO'.  If paid on the MA enter 8/31/10, 'MA'.

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