iTravel - How to setup and Associate Non-Employee Traveler

  1. Request a Non-Employee Traveler
    1. Login to iTravel, select “ request a non-employee traveler”.
    2. Prior to requesting a Non-Employee Traveler, make sure he/she is not in the vendor database, as duplicate records create problems.
    3. Enter the required fields (Firstname, Lastname, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, etc.) and press ‘add non-employee traveler.
    4. After pressing the “add non employee traveler ” button, you will receive a confirmation message.
    5. You will receive an email notification when the Non-Employee Traveler has been added by the Accounts Payable unit to UCRFS.
  2. Associate this non-employee traveler to  your Accountability Structure:
    1. After receiving email confirmation that your traveler has been added to the database, go back to the “Request Non-Employee Traveler” menu.
    2. Search for the Non-Employee Traveler by entering the individual's last name and clicking SEARCH Identify the individual from the search results and clicking the EDIT link under the ACTION column.
    3. Select the drop-down menu under ACCOUNTABILITY STRUCTURE and designate the appropriate SAA/ORG value.
    4. Click on REQUEST, a confirmation message will display:  "Your Accountability Structure has been updated", click OK. 
  3. The traveler will follow the default travel routing roles unless the SAA established a unique routing for this non-employee traveler (unique routing is not recommended).
  4. From the main iTravel menu, the travel coordinator can select Travel Expense Reporting > NEW and the non-employee traveler will display in the drop-down list of travelers from which the travel coordinator may select.

This information is also covered in detail on chapter 8 (pages 38-43 (slides 75-85) of the Travel Coordinator’s Users guide: (http://cnc.ucr.edu/travel/files/Travel_Coordinator_User_Guide_w_TOC_Rev.pdf).

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