1. Send e-mail to emf@ucr.edu. The subject line should state "Request for New Gift Fund".
  2. Briefly describe the purpose/use of the gift funds. What was the donor's intent for the funds?
  3. Identify whether the gifts will be given directly to the Regents or flowing through the UCR Foundation Office.
    a. Identify the primary source of donors (such as individuals, for-profit businesses, non-profit business related, charitable trusts, other charitable organizations, higher education/institution/association)?
    b. If the gifts are directed through the UCR Foundation, please provide the Foundation fund number and fund title. If applicable, please indicate if the funds are invested as an endowment and/or to be used for an endowed chair.
  4. Provide the dollar amount of the donation. Large gifts (i.e. $20K+) should not be co-mingled with other donations.
  5. Identify the UCRFS Department code (e.g. D0XXXX) and department name responsible for the fund.
  6. A fund title can be suggested if desired—limit to 30 characters. Please note the title may have to be modified.
  7. Please provide a name and telephone number of a person that can be contacted if additional information is needed.
  8. When the new gift fund is established, an e-mail notification will be sent to the person requesting the fund.
  9. Please record all gift income using the gift revenue account R40000, the appropriate activity code (A0XXXX), the new fund number, and function code 20. 
  10. A Gift Acceptance Report must be prepared for all gifts given directly to the Regents.
  11. The Accounting Office is responsible for budgeting all gift revenue based upon either the Gift Acceptance Report or the Foundation income transfer.
  12. All gifts are subject to a 5% gift fee.