Updates to the Time & Attendance Reporting System

From:  Bobbi McCracken, AVC Business & Financial Services (BFS) and Controller
            David Gracey, Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions, Computing & Communications
Sent: Thurs, Mar 23, 2017 2:38 PM
Subject: Updates to the Time & Attendance Reporting System

In preparation for UCPath, there will be a series of changes made to the TARS environment over the coming months. The Accounting Office and Computing & Communications are pleased to announce the following enhancements to help facilitate the DTAAs' review of timesheets.

  • DTAA Summary Grid Changes
    • Grid has been expanded to display hours worked and leave taken.
    • Individual cells will be shaded in grey where the hours worked or leave taken is not applicable to the employee.
    • The entire row will be shaded in pink if the timesheet has been auto-submitted with zero hours worked.
    • Individual cells will be shaded in pink if there is a matter that should be reviewed. For example, if vacation hours will be lost when an employee is nearing maximum vacation balance or if the temporary Shift Differential Hours have not been approved by the supervisor.
  • Supervisor Changes
    • Supervisors will be asked to confirm timesheets submitted with no hours, to ensure accurate time reporting and reduce late adjustments.
    • Supervisors will be informed when an employee is nearing maximum vacation balance.
  • Employee Changes
    • Wording has been added to employee's timesheet indicating the employee is nearing vacation maximum, and vacation hours may be lost if not taken during the time reporting period.
    • A warning will appear when an employee records vacation hours in excess of the accrual. The timesheet cannot be saved until the situation is addressed. There is an exception during the December curtailment period.

These enhancements are planned for deployment on Friday, March 24, 2017. Please send your questions/comments to timesheetfeedback@ucr.edu.

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