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Welcome to the Accounting Office’s website.

The mission of the Accounting Office is to support the campus community by providing prompt, reliable accounting and payroll services; ensuring accurate financial information and reports are readily available; coordinating external audits; and contributing to the control environment through the development of financial applications and dissemination of information regarding applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. 

This web site was developed as a resource for the campus to easily access relevant policies, procedures, and other important financial services information.  


Bobbi McCracken
Associate Vice Chancellor - Business & Financial Services and Controller

Name Title  Phone
(951) 827-

Financial Services (951) 827-3303

McCracken, Bobbi

Associate Vice Chancellor & Controller

3303 bobbi.mccracken@ucr.edu
Librenjak, Pauline Assistant Controller 1955 pauline.librenjak@ucr.edu 
Casteel, Linda Treasury Manager 1939 linda.casteel@ucr.edu
Betts, Lolita

Executive Assistant

1944 lolita.gills@ucr.edu
Chu, Vivian

Financial Analyst

1967 vivian.chu@ucr.edu

Accounts Payable (951) 827-3305; Travel (951) 827-3304

Triche, Ellery Director - Procurement, Business Contracts,
AP & Travel
6345 ellery.triche@ucr.edu
Smith, Aver Supervisor 1959 aver.smith@ucr.edu 
Newland, Cathy Accounting Asst. (A-D, O-P) 1934 cathy.newland@ucr.edu
Dent, Philisa Accounting Asst. (Q-Z) 1935 philisa.merino-dent@ucr.edu
Ford, Dorthea Accountant-AP 1936 dorthea.ford@ucr.edu
Danford, Sandy Accountant-AP 1933 sandra.danford@ucr.edu
Davis, Valerie Accounting Asst. - Vendor Maintenance 1957 valerie.davis@ucr.edu
Martinez, Rosmery Accounting Asst. (E-N) 1937 rosmery.martinez@ucr.edu
Baxter, Christopher Travel/e-Pay Specialist 1952 travelfeedback@ucr.edu
Collins, Mimi Travel/e-Pay Specialist 1932 travelfeedback@ucr.edu

Extramural Funds (951) 827-3302

Librenjak, Pauline Assistant Controller 1955 pauline.librenjak@ucr.edu
De Vera, Fred Manager 1948 fred.devera@ucr.edu 
Alonzo-Le, Roseline Accountant 1954 roseline.alonzo-le@ucr.edu
James, Montrice Accountant 1899 montrice.james@ucr.edu
Padilla Gala, Kimberly Accountant 1953 kimberly.gala@ucr.edu
Gonzalez, Lauren Accountant 1903 lauren.gonzalez@ucr.edu

General Accounting (951) 827-3311

Librenjak, Pauline Assistant Controller 1955 pauline.librenjak@ucr.edu
Monahan, Jerry Supervisor 1942 jerry.monahan@ucr.edu
Mochache, Michael Accountant - Plant 1920 michael.mochache@ucr.edu  
Watson, Carolyn Accountant - Cash 1945 carolyn.watson@ucr.edu
Ramirez, Jillian Accountant 1979 jillian.ramirez@ucr.edu
Rias, Lupe Accounting Asst. 1947 lupe.rias@ucr.edu

Payroll Coordination & Analysis (951) 827-3307

Karam, Alfred Manager 6203 alfred.karam@ucr.edu
Carr, Elizabeth Business Systems Analyst 1969 elizabeth.carr@ucr.edu
Campos, Andrea Business Systems Analyst 1989 andrea.campos@ucr.edu
Valdez, Elena Payroll Analyst 1958 elena.valdez@ucr.edu
Kalogonis, Sonia Payroll Analyst 1961 sonia.kalogonis@ucr.edu

  • Reimbursement of Bank and Other Late Fees (January 9, 2019)
    With the transition to UCPath as a pilot location, there have been a few challenges with the timely processing of payroll for certain employee populations, such as employees with multiple jobs and employees paid via check. When paycheck is delayed due to an error by the University, the employee can submit the attached request for reimbursement for bank fees and other late fees were incurred as a direct result to the delay. The request will be evaluated and reimbursed as appropriate.
  • Biweekly TARS Early Cut-Off (December 17, 2018)
    Due to the holiday campus closure, the UCPath time reporting deadlines have been adjusted for the biweekly time reporting period 12/16/2018 - 12/29/2018. Biweekly employees should project hours worked (or leave taken) from Friday, 12/21/2018 to Saturday, 12/29/2018 (if applicable), and submit timesheets by 11:00PM on Thursday, 12/20/2018. Supervisors are asked to approve these timesheets by 11:00PM on Friday, 12/21/2018.

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