What is Connexxus?

Connexxus is the new University of California Travel Program. It provides value, flexibility, and convenience for UC business travelers. Connexxus features favorable negotiated rates for air travel, hotel accommodations and car rentals.

How did Connexxus come about?

The UC Travel Management Council, representing all campuses, medical centers and national laboratories, developed Connexxus in collaboration with UC Strategic Sourcing. The Council gathered input from UC travelers using a survey and campus focus groups. The new central Travel Management Office at the UC Office of the President provides guidance and coordination for Connexxus, one of the largest managed travel programs.

How does Connexxus work?  

A convenient secure Connexxus Web portal provides options ranging from full agent assistance to online booking:

Agency BCD Travel UC Travel Center Southwest Airlines - Business
Agent Service 1-877-885-8632 1-800-235-8252 1-800-435-9792
Help with Online Booking, Cancellation & Exchange
Online Booking Tool Concur NuTravel SWABIZ

The portal includes guidance for choosing the best option for your travel situation.  Connexxus is adaptable to every UC location and makes it easy to comply with policy.

Why use Connexxus?  

Excellent pricing all in one Connexxus portal using UC discounts for airfares, hotels, and car rentals. For example:

  • Rental Car - Hertz , National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent A Car (rates reduced by up to 15% from prior agreements)
  • Hotel - Marriott, Starwood Hotels, Club Quarters (discounts of 12% to 25% off best available rates)
  • Air travel discounts - United, Southwest, American, and associated international carriers

When was Connexxus implemented? 

UC Riverside implemented Connexxus with pilot departments in May 2008 and the general campus in September 2008.

What are the minimum requirements to use Connexxus?

  • You must be set up on iTravel as a traveler or travel coordinator with a UCR Net ID and password
  • You must be entered with the correct role into the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS)
  • You must have access to the Internet
  • Non-employee travelers cannot use the system if they do not have a UCR Net ID and password
  • Travel coordinators are allowed to book for non-employee travelers if they have permission to their profiles
  • Connexxus portal is updated nightly, Monday through Friday with read-only fields like traveler’s first name, middle initial, last name, business email, and department

How do I access Connexxus?

A traveler/travel cordinator can access Connexxus when he/she has successfully been setup on iTravel and the required fields have been sent to Connexxus on the nightly feed.

  1. You can access Connexxus two ways:
    • login through iviews, click on travel, select connexxus from the general section or
    • open a web browser, type, enter your UCR NetID and password. 
  2. A Traveler/Travel Coordinator is required to update his/her profile when they log in for the first time.  Click on the profile tab and enter/update the fields especially required fields.  For help click on 'Tips and Tools' - Set Up a Profile. 
  3. When a traveler/ travel coordinator clicks Save, the updated profile information is saved and sent to the Travel Management Companies within a few minutes. 
  4. The system prompts the traveler/travel arranger to close the Connexxus profile page window. 
  5. You are now ready to use Connexxus to book your travel.

How do I pay for the ticket?

Enter your personal credit card at the time of purchase. You may also enter your personal credit card on your profile for later use by you or your travel coordinator(s). The credit card number will be encrypted in the traveler profile and an e-mail message will be sent to you upon use.

Travel Coordinators:
Only Travel Coordinators can charge airfare to the University’s corporate account (ghost card).

  • A valid DAPO will be accepted in place of the required CONNEXXUS ID (program pending).
  • One trip per traveler per DAPO.
  • DAPO is only valid for airfare.
  • DAPO must be made payable to US Bank (after booking, remember to mark as “OK to Pay”).

Benefits of Using Connexxus

Please note that UCR does not allow Connexxus booking for personal use.