I. Eligibility

All active employees (staff, academic, student) eligible to travel on University business are eligible to apply for a U.S. Bank Travel & Entertainment Corporate Visa Card. The Department head need to verify that the employee will take one or more trips annually on University business before authorizing the employee to get the card. Separated employees are not eligible. Upon separation, an employee's card will be cancelled automatically within thirty days by the Accounting office. Please cut the card into small pieces and discard it.

Applicant understands that this card is to be used for business charges only and that applicant is totally responsible and liable for all expenses charged to the card. Incidental personal use is allowed when it is not practical to carry another personal credit card on the same trip (subject to non-T&E limit). Applicant understands and acknowledges that payment is due to U.S. Bank upon receipt of the statement. Applicant further understands that if he/she fails to pay U.S. Bank for all undisputed charges, his/her card will be permanently canceled.

II. Member Benefits

A. Card Issuance and Renewal

B. Spending Guidelines

C. Card Replacement/Lost or Stolen Cards

D. Card Cancellation

E. Billing Statements and Options

F. Liability

G. Dispute Procedures

H. Foreign Currency Conversion

III. Cash Disbursement

  1. Acceptance by Merchant, ATM and Member Offices
    The matrix below shows the number of worldwide acceptance locations, merchant locations, ATM locations, and member offices for U.S. Bank Commercial Cards.
      Merchant Locations ATMs Member Offices Total Acceptance Locations
    United States 4,688,209 309,695 86,656 5,084,560
    Canada 601,553 20,821 7,922 630,296
    European Union 4,739,031 252,640 158,561 5,150,232
    Asia Pacific 10,940,695 62,460 60,306 11,063,461
    Latin America 1,422,694 48,719 63,307 1,534,720
    Central Europe, Middle East, Africa 539,238 36,490 32,019 607,747
    TOTAL 22,931,420 730,825 408,771 24,071,016
  2. Cash Advance Access
    The U.S. Bank cash advance program is funded by U.S. Bank and features the world’s largest cash access network. The cash advance fee offered to UCR is 2.5% with a $2 minimum on ATM advances. These additional means of obtaining cash and services are also available, if required:
    • Travelers Checks: Travelers checks may be purchased using the U.S. Bank Corporate Card at most of the more than 408,000 Visa member banks worldwide.
    • Personal Checks: Personal checks of up to $250 may be cashed at 1) hotels where the Visa card has been used for registration, or 2) at Visa member banks.

IV. Insurance

  1. Auto Rental Insurance (full value)
    Worldwide full value primary Auto Rental Insurance covers collision, theft, vandalism, appraisal fees, and loss of use when the rental is paid with the U.S. Bank Corporate Card. There is no additional charge for this coverage. You can eliminate internal self-insurance or auto agency insurance expenses by using the U.S. Bank Corporate Card.
  2. Travel Accident Insurance
    Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance is primary coverage, protecting against losses caused by a) a common carrier accident, or b) an accident incurred on the way to or from the terminal in a common carrier (i.e. taxi, bus, or airport limousine), provided the air ticket was charged on the U.S. Bank Corporate Card prior to departure for the terminal. This insurance is provided to cardholders automatically when their entire travel fare(s) is charged to their corporate account. The insurance applies to the cardholder, his/her spouse, and his/her children while traveling worldwide for business purposes. Common carrier tickets purchased for fellow employees and tickets acquired with redeemed frequent flyer points or coupons are also covered.
  3. Lost or Stolen Baggage Coverage and Assistance
    UCR’s cardholders are eligible for up to $1,250 of secondary baggage coverage when the common carrier ticket is purchased with the U.S. Bank Corporate Card. Reimbursement is made only if the common carrier makes a monetary reimbursement and not for other considerations. The U.S. Bank cardholder may receive immediate shipment of replacement items, a cash advance required as a result of the loss of luggage, and claims assistance when luggage is lost while traveling and the carrier is unable to locate it. Note, this is not lost luggage insurance.

V. Travel and Emergency Assistance

  1. Emergency Assistance
    • Medical and Emergency Transport
    • Prescription Assistance
    • Medical Advance
    • Legal
    • Bail Bond and Cash Advance Assistance
    • Emergency Ticket Replacement
    • Emergency Cash Disbursement
    • Passport/visa
    • Urgent Message Service
    • Roadside Emergency Assistance
  2. U.S. Bank cardholders around the world have access to emergency assistance by calling the Visa Assistance Center (VAC) toll-free. For the nearest US location, please call 1-800-THE-PLUS or 1-800-VISA-911. When traveling internationally, please call the Visa Assistance Center collect at 410-581-9994. Most of these services are available at no extra fee. Some services, such as Roadside Emergency Assistance, provide the service (such as towing) at a nominal fee, which cardholders can charge on the card. Emergency services include:
  3. Pre-trip Assistance
    Receive comprehensive travel information, including health precautions, weather reports, currency exchange rates, and required visas and immunizations. Cardholders with special needs can make special arrangements for medical equipment and supplies and receive assistance locating medical facilities prior to the trip.
  4. Translation Service
    Take advantage of immediate, 24-hour translation services in Spanish, French, and Japanese, and reach translators for 20 other languages within a short period of time. If more than telephone translation is required, the VAC assists in locating local interpreters.
  5. Guaranteed Hotel/Motel Reservation Service
    Make guaranteed hotel reservations at participating hotels. Rooms are held until check-out time on the day following the scheduled arrival. If the hotel has no room available, they will provide a comparable room at another hotel plus transportation and other related services at no additional cost.
  6. 24-Hour Locator Service
    Cardholder’s can get information regarding the location of Visa member banks, airports, and Visa ATMs. For the nearest US location, please call 1-800-THE-PLUS or 1-800-VISA-911. When traveling internationally, please call the Visa Assistance Center collect at 410-581-9994.