Equipment Management

Equipment Management


Department Overview

The purpose of Equipment Management is to establish and maintain procedures that bring the University in compliance with Federal, State, and agency regulations that are requirements of the Universities awarded contracts and grants. Equipment Management reviews all transactions relating to the acquisition, modification, transfer and disposition of inventorial equipment assets in order to assist departments with the accuracy and maintenance of inventorial equipment records while adhering to University policy.

What is Inventorial Equipment?

Generally speaking inventorial equipment is any movable tangible property with an acquisition cost exceeding the inventorial threshold of $5,000 with an expected life of one or more years. It must be freestanding, complete in itself, and not lose its identity when affixed or installed into another property. If equipment is a product of many component parts it must maintain its original form and not be re-purposed into different forms or split into separate entities. If any uncertainty exists with classifying inventorial equipment please contact Equipment Management for guidance.


Primary Policies & Regulations

BFB - BUS - 29
Management and Control of University Equipment
Establishes procedures for the management and control of inventorial equipment owned by, or in the custody of The Regents of the University of California.
BFB - BUS - 38
Disposal of Excess Property and Transfer of University-Owned Property
Sets forth general requirements for the disposal of excess University-owned personal property (equipment, supplies and materials).
OMB Circular A - 110
Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education
Establishes the general requirements of an acceptable property control system for for institutions of higher education.
OMB Circular A - 133
Compliance Supplement
Establishes audit requirements and defines Federal responsibilities for implementing and monitoring institutions of higher education.
OMB Circular A - 21
Cost Principles for Educational Institutions
Establishes principles for determining costs applicable to grants, contracts, and other agreements with institutions of higher education.


Department Location

Equipment Management Moved to the Intellicenter

The Equipment Management department moved in April 2015 to the Intellicenter located at 14350 Meridian Parkway, Riverside, CA 92518*. The Intellicenter building (aka UCPath) is situated approximately six miles from the main campus. Security procedures require all visitors to be registered in order to access the building, so please arrange visits in advance.

Please click on the map for driving directions to the Intellicenter.

*Please note: the Meridian address should only be used for physical deliveries (e.g. FedEx, UPS). US Mail and intercampus mail should continue to be directed to: University of California at Riverside, Equipment Management, Riverside, CA 92521.
UCPath Location
Please note that the Excess Property (Surplus) Operation is being managed by the Storehouse Department. Please find additional information about the Excess Property Operation on the Excess Property Website.


Department Contacts

Equipment Management via email or phone (951)827-4209