Gifts & Donations

Equipment Gifts

All University gifts must pass through the Gift Administration. Equipment Management will be notified of gifts of equipment received by the campus after they are reviewed by the Gift Administration and Accounting. After receiving notification Equipment Management will review gift documentation and create records in the Equipment Management System for any inventorial equipment; property tags will be issued to the department shortly after.

Please contact the Gift Administration for further information about the gift process.

Property Donations

Per university policy donations of property can only be made if the property is titled to the University and the property is of de minimis value. The departments do not have the authority to dispose of equipment by any means, as such all donations must be done with the approval of Equipment Management. Below is a policy excerpt taken from BUS-38 that outlines the general donation requirements.

Donation of excess property to educational institutions, other governmental bodies, or non-profit organizations may be authorized subject to the following provisions:

    1. The fair value of such property must be de minimis, that is, below the costs required for handling, record keeping, storage, removal and other costs associated with its trade, sale or disposition. It is against University policy to donate excess property whose fair value is greater than de minimis and no such donations shall be approved.
    2. Donations may not be made to any educational institution or non-profit organization owned or operated by an employee (or near relative of an employee) of a department that reports to either the Surplus Administrator or the Equipment Administrator, or the department originating the excess property, or in which such employee or near relative holds an administrative or management position.
    3. All donations must be reviewed and/or processed by the Surplus operation, and coordinated with the Equipment Administrator in the case of inventorial equipment.
    4. All donations must be requested in writing, on official letterhead, by an officer of the educational institution, other governmental body, or non-profit organization.
    5. As appropriate, the recipient institution or non-profit organization may be required to sign a standard University waiver and hold harmless agreement prior to taking possession of the donated item(s).
    6. All donation requests must be approved in writing by the Custodial Department Chair or Director, the Equipment Administrator and/or Surplus Administrator, and any required exceptions approver.
    7. No donation may occur, and no property may be removed from the campus or Laboratory, before all necessary procedures have been completed and all necessary approvals have been obtained in writing.

If you wish to inquire about donations please contact Dolores Cordova at (951) 827-5542.